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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

-Leonardo Da Vinci

About Surface Gallery

We are a young and agile company, yet bearing many years’ experience and far-reaching expertise in the field of natural stones.

We hold exclusivity agreements with some of the world’s most attractive and luscious new quarries.  We curate the finest quality stones and most beautiful pieces for our clients.

We are passionate about nature

We are indeed passionate about nature and its magnificent innate beauty.

We are passionate about what we do

We are passionate about our work. We breath, dream, live and design inspired in stone —the building block of our existence and culture.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each stone is a mother-nature created jewel, a material deserving care and respect.

This is how we treat not only our stones, but also our business, our clients, and our people —with special care and much respect.

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Surface Gallery

We make surfaces beautiful. Let us make yours beautiful too!

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We Settle for Nothing but the Best

We personally travel the world in search of the finest, most beautiful natural stones.

We have our production in Espírito Santo, Brazil, where craftsmanship is carried out to precision, and quality is meticulously inspected.

Our warehouse in Verona, Italy, makes worldwide shipments timely and convenient. 

Ready to Take On Remarkable?

Let us have a conversation about how we can help you make your next project a masterpiece.  Contact us today!

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Simple Sophistication. Redefined.

Our stones and surfaces take design from refined and elegant to simply breathtaking.

Call us now, let us help you make this your most stunning design yet!

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